DROPSAVER® „stop the drop“ - the ingenious wine pourer

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Does it annoy you too when you want to elegantly pour a nice wine for your guests - and then the last drop goes wrong? With the ingenious wine pourer DROPSAVER® „stop the drop“ you are on the safe side. Consisting of a flexible, food-safe PET film, it is simply rolled up and placed on the bottle, protecting table and tablecloth from unsightly wine stains.

The wine pourer DROPSAVER® „stop the drop“ is a German quality product and available in pack sizes of 2, 5 or 10 pieces. 

The delivery is free of shipping costs worldwide!

Use the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" at home, in your bistro or restaurant - you will be amazed how uncomplicated a pourer for wine can be.

Possible Payment Methods

Paypal Plus is the payment method for the wine pourer DROPSAVER®.