What is DROPSAVER® "stop the drop"?

Wine pourer "DROPSAVER®" Pouring out red wine

Does it also annoy you when you want to pour your guests a nice wine elegantly - and then the last drop goes wrong?

With the ingenious wine pourer DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" you are on the safe side. Consisting of a flexible, food-safe PET film, it is simply rolled up, inserted halfway into the bottle neck and protects the table and tablecloth from unattractive wine stains.

Use the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" at home, in your bistro or restaurant - you will be amazed how easy a wine pourer can be.

The wine pourer DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" is a German quality product and available in pack sizes of 2, 5 or 10 pieces.

The delivery is worldwide free of shipping costs!

How to use the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop"?

Wine Pourer DROPSAVER® in the bottle

You receive the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" as a flat, circular foil. Roll up the foil and insert about half of it into the bottle neck. As soon as you release the film, the film unwinds exactly enough to match the diameter of the bottle neck.

If you now pour wine, the special design of the foil will result in such a narrow tear-off edge for the liquid that no more drops can form which could otherwise drip directly onto your tablecloth or run along the bottle.

They serve wine elegantly and cleanly. The metallic shine of the foil gives it a noble and valuable appearance, which will inspire you and your guests.

The use of the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" is not only limited to wine - other liquids, which can drip when serving and leave unpleasant stains, are also a field of application of the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop". So you can use the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" for example when pouring out oils in the kitchen - there are no limits to your imagination.

Can DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" be used several times?

Simply clean the bottle pourer DROPSAVER® under warm water

Of course!

After use, simply rinse the DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" under lukewarm water.
And your DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" is ready for the next use!

Where is DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" produced?

so simple and still perfect - DROPSAVER® - Made in Germany

DROPSAVER® "stop the drop"is a German quality product

- We produce and pack exclusively in Germany.
- We only use materials from German manufacturers.

You can rely on it!

I need a larger quantity of DROPSAVER® "stop the drop" - are there special conditions?

Use our contact form and let us know your specific needs.

Depending on the order volume, we can make you an individual offer.

And if I have any other questions?

Use our contact form and let us know your questions.
It is our concern to always be able to offer you the best product and are therefore always open for questions, suggestions and criticism.
We would be pleased to hear from you!

Is the delivery really free of shipping costs?

Yes! We even deliver worldwide free of shipping costs.

Possible Payment Methods

Paypal Plus is the payment method for the wine accessories DROPSAVER®.